Charities Ned Supports

Ned eagerly supports the Utah Food Bank, who works tirelessly to make sure children and the elderly don’t go to bed hungry. The goal of the Food Bank is to ensure that low income families get temporary assistance while they are trying to get back on their feet. Even a little donation helps fight hunger in Utah.

A fun annual tradition that Ned enjoys being involved in is the Utah Human Race. Through both 5K and 10K runs, people come to gather each Thanksgiving time to run for hunger. The proceeds of this fun race go to the Utah Food Bank.

Every March, members of the Utah Boy Scouts gather food door-to-door for the hungry in our community. This is the biggest Utah Food Bank event of the year and generous Utahns give pounds of food to feed the hungry.

For years, Ned has been passionate in his support of the Special Olympics of Utah. Many people with great potential aren’t given a chance in society, and Ned wants to change that. The Special Olympics has many locations around the world and fights to help thousands of special needs people with disabilities learn about their gifts and capabilities. Volunteer to become a coach, volunteer time, donate, or encourage a special needs friend to become an athlete today.

Siegfried & Jensen has sponsored the “Utah Open Golf Tournament” for over 10 years now. The proceeds of these golfing tournaments go to the Special Olympics in Utah. Ned loves to golf and is thrilled to be part of this event that brings together professionals and amateur golfers alike. One of the main reasons Siegfried & Jensen is so involved with the Utah Open is because the Special Olympic volunteers, who are special-needs adults, are actively involved with each and every event during the entire week of the tournament. The public is welcome to come watch the tournament play free of charge every summer.

Another group that Ned feels passionate about supporting is the Utah Drug Prevention Campaign. Thousands of Utah children are pressured into trying drugs every year by unfortunate drug exposure or pressure. Many of these children become drug addicts, leading to 75% of all crimes having illegal drug connection. Through early and frequent education, reducing the exposure kids get to illegal drugs and school-based initiatives, many children are now being protected from a life of crime and drug abuse. Ned has partnered with many Utah TV network and cable stations to advertise drug prevention. D.A.R.E. and McGruff Crime Dog are both training programs to help protect kids. Help prevent drug abuse and crime.