Ned’s Work Life

One of the things that attracted Ned to practice Personal Injury law was the meaning he felt from helping the injured. He said, “the gratification I received from helping people who had been injured or damaged through no fault of their own”, was what made him want to be an Injury Attorney. He found great meaning in the ability to fight for the rights of those who had been wrongly hurt or were suffering and needed an advocate to represent them.

While a young man, Ned was reading a letter from his Mom that told about a friend of his who was getting a law degree. “It hit me like a ton of bricks”, Ned says. He knew right then that pursuing law was what he was supposed to do, and he has never looked back since. Following that dream, Ned graduated from the University of Utah in 1980 (BA in History) and Brigham Young University in 1983 (JD Law degree).

He practiced law by himself for the first 7 years after he graduated from BYU. In 1990, he and his friend Mitch Jensen co-founded “Siegfried and Jensen”, Injury Attorneys. 25 years later, Ned & Mitch have grown the Utah law firm to include 70 employees, 18 of which are attorneys. With careful attention, Ned has hand-picked his attorneys and staff and has every confidence in them. He says, “I sincerely believe the attorneys and staff at Siegfried & Jensen form the best and most complete Personal Injury Office in Utah”.

Ned has practiced law in Utah his entire career and feels fortunate to have been able to serve many wonderful Utahns for the last 25 years by representing their injury cases. As Injury Attorneys, Siegfried & Jensen help people who have been injured in these ways:

-Car, Motorcycle, Bike, Pedestrian, Semi-Truck Accidents

-Birth Injuries, Medical Malpractice

-Dangerous Drugs, Defective Medical Devices

-Catastrophic Injury, Brain/Head Injuries, Accidental Death

-Slip & Fall Accidents, Dog Bites, etc.

Most of us have insurance so if we get hurt, our insurance company will pay for our medical expenses, rehab costs, lost income, damaged vehicles, and ongoing care. Too often, insurance companies deny legitimate claims or offer low-ball settlements that won’t cover big bills. That’s what Injury Attorneys are for. They sort out your case and make the insurance company do the right thing and pay for your injury expenses.

Ned has often said, “All the insurance companies have to do to put me out of business is to pay fair settlements in a reasonable period of time”.

Watch Ned explain how fair resolutions are reached when someone is injured: